Monday, January 23, 2017

Hot cross hand foot mouth

I haven't written in a long time because I have two kids, and I reallydo not have any time to write. But I DO have a lot of time to sit on facebook and not do anything.

So now that that confession is out of the way, I think one of the other reasons I am not writing is because I have nothing to write about. When you are a first time mom, everything is all like OMG WOW SO COOL MY KID IS SO SMART!! And all of the experiences are just eye opening. The first few years of parenting are really hard, but sort of magical too. I really did feel like I had a lot to say, and think, and write. And then you have the second kid and's like survivor mode at my house 24/7 and I just can't get my thoughts in order for anything other than keeping up with my schedule and making sure my house and family do not fall apart.

 There is nothing in my life that is particularly hard. My kids are very well behaved and very healthy, I like my job, and I basically like my life. I just don't think I like how hectic it is all the time, but apparently I'm "going to miss these days" when my kids are older.

I had a much harder transition going from one kid to two kids, than I did going from zero to one because I think as long as you have a healthy baby, you are still able to keep up some semblance of your previous life.. You can take it out to dinner, afford fun trips, it's not a burden for anyone to babysit one baby. When I think back to my three years with just Georgia, I am like "Damn, we weren't even REAL PARENTS."  I mean, I know we were real parents, we were her parents, but life was very lovely and manageable.

Of course, I wouldn't change a thing. I love June so much, even though nursing her ruined my boobs. She is the funniest person I have ever met. Like, Georgia did funny things when she was a baby, but she was never purposefully funny, and June has been since she was 5 months old. She is always joking, laughing, dancing, and I think she is my singer because she memorizes songs, sings her little heart out, and tries to have a vibrato which cracks me up. She talks a lot; I've stopped counting words and phrases. She's able to verbally communicate everything. For instance, I brought her milk in her pink cup and she looked at me like I was a total dumbass and was like, “No mom, want juice in blue cup!" And I'm all, "UM, CAN YOU SAY PLEASE?" and she gets in my face and yells, "MOM WANT JUICE IN BLUE CUP PLEASE NO MILK!"   Alrighty then.

 Another cool thing about my kids is that they are NEVER sick. Georgia has had the occasional fever, but we've only been to the doctor for well visits and flu shots. I've called our pediatrician probably a total of 5 times in my almost 6 years of being a mother which is awesome...but also I have no idea how to have a sick kid, so when sickness occurs I'm a total newbie.

 One of the only times they were sick was last year, when all four of us were throwing up at the exact same time, and that probably made up for all of the non-sickness I have experienced. I was in the bathroom with Georgia, my head was in a trash can, I was trying to hold her up on the toilet, and Chris was throwing up downstairs. I could hear June puking in her crib, but I literally could not do anything because I was barfing my brains out, but then I started crying because I was afraid she was going to choke on vomit, so I had to bring her in the bathroom with me so I could also help her and Georgia. So June just sat on my lap and threw up on me, and I continued to throw up in the trash can. Georgia also got a horrible bloody nose during all of this.  That was fun. The recovery the next day was awful too because all I wanted to do was lay in bed, but we had to like, TAKE CARE OF THEM, and do things like buy pedialyte, and make sure they stayed hydrated, and I'm basically sure it was the worst day of my whole life.

But anyway, aside from throwing up with my children, there are two other things that kids get that really gross me out, and June got one of them last week. The first thing that scares the shit out of me is head lice, which we have not had, but I don't know what I will ever do if it happens, I think we will have a throw up repeat. The second thing is hand-foot-mouth virus, which is when your kid gets blisters all over their hands, feet, and mouth...and also as I learned on their legs and in their throat. It’s really contagious and easily picked up by toddlers. I know so many people who have children who have had it, but I was still like totally grossed out by it, but more importantly, I felt SO BAD for June because there is literally NOTHING you can do for it.

She was in so much pain, she kept saying, "HANDS MOM! MY HANDS! FEET HURT! MOMMY FEET! FEET!" and putting her hand-foot-and mouth diseased hands and feet all over me, begging me to make her feel better. I did what any mother would do; I rubbed and kissed her hands, feet, and face, and basically bathed myself in hand-foot-mouth virus two days in a row. It was really gross, but you know when your baby looks at you and says, "Sorry mom. Thanks mommy" the possibility of getting hand-foot-mouth doesn't seem so bad if you are making your baby feel loved and safe.  

I did realize that it was worse at night for her for whatever reason, so I decided to put on some music to distract her. I googled, "soothing toddler music" and the first thing that came up was this Asian inspired recorder playing over the sound of waves...and...animal noises? wtf? But, whatever. There was no time for me to try to find the perfect soothing baby music. This would have to do, however whenever I hear a recorder playing, I am immediately transported back to third grade when I was tested on "Hot Cross Buns" and of course never practiced, and basically humiliated myself on the Hot Cross Buns test. Or maybe that was when I played the flute...I can't remember...the point is it was a terribly stressful night for me between rolling around in hand-foot-mouth, and thinking about the Hot Cross Buns debacle. But I survived that, and would survive two nights of hand-foot-mouth.

 The good thing about the music was that the animal noises DID distract June. In the middle of crying she would gleefully yell, "Sheep mom! baaabaaaa!" or "COW! COW! MOOOOOO!" She imitated animals for about 15 minutes, and then I think was so exhausted by the whole ordeal that she finally fell asleep. This was the first night. Second night was much of the same. I was a hot mess, up all night just holding her hands and feet because I didn't know what else to do (I did try benedryl the first night, didn't do much, and Tylenol the second night seemed to help. I also did oatmeal lotion, I have no idea if that helped either. But,by the third night she was in her crib, sleeping through the night.

So, that is my update on the Smith household. Well I didn't really talk about Georgia, but she is doing great in school and doing great with her piano lessons, writing funny songs...I guess things are good here! That's why I don't have too much to say.