Monday, August 13, 2012

ABC...easy as...123!

HI. God, I've been busy. Well-kind of know vacationing and all of that nonsense. I have missed you. And missed writing in my blog. So here is the 411.

I said the words VACATION, but what I did last week had nothing to do with vacation. It was more like, staying at home with lots of children at someone else's house. Which is fine-this past week was for the kids and the grandparents for sure. Georgia had a blast, and uh, can I talk to you about HOW MUCH she is talking? Like we have real conversations. Sort of. I mean, they are conversations, but kind of like the conversations you have in Spanish I class in 8th grade. 

Hola, Me llamo Teresa, y tu?

Hola me llamo Juan. Donde esta tu lapiz?

Um...No me gusta bilar.

(Uh...what? dancing? We were just talking about pens!)

See, what I mean? There is conversation going, but not much vocab flying around

 Now, with that  amazing example of Spanish out of the way, here is a typical conversation between me and Georgia.

Georgia: Hi Mommy

Me: Hi big girl

Georgia: HAHAHAHA. Hi big girl

Me: Um...yes, hi big girl

Georgia: Me big girl

Okay.... (weird silence)

Georgia: Me highchair. Me have bluebberys in chair. 

Me: okay I'll get you some blueberries

(She points to my wine glass)

Georgia: Mommy wawa!(that means water)

My internal voice: Fuck! She thinks the wine glass is my water!

Georgia: Mommy wawa. Mommy wawa. Awwww mama. (hugs)

Me: i love you

Georgia: Doggy good boy. Good boy Buckley. Blueberries? Blueberries?

Or let's take it back to dinner last night when no one was talking because we were all stuffing our faces with pizza.

Georgia: Mommy poop.

Alrighty then.