(photo by Joy Moody-who is that girl?)
33 year old  35 year old
first time mom-to-be mom living in the city.
I just got married in June, I got pregnant on my honeymoon and
I'm trying to figure it all brain doesn't work anymore. 
I am having a daughter in March I had my daughter in March 2010 and I'm
super excited, but super scared I am going to screw up so fucking tired..  I feel like everything else I have ever done in my life doesn't compare to this huge responsibility I am about to take on.  I want to be a
good  fantastic,mom, but not lose my identity.
I want to be a grown up, but still sometimes feel as magical as I did when I was little.  My daughter makes me feel as magical as i did when i was little.
I think I'm a good wife, but being a wife is sometimes confusing too.  Wife? i am supposed to be a wife on top of all this?

Any tips on the above are appreciated....(This part stays the same!)

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